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Martin Moore
New Zealand
Current Residence: Otago
Favourite genre of music: Reggae
Favourite photographer: Me
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Xp Pro
Personal Quote: Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
Just an update for my book, a new character enters the fray (Sort of).

Aten stared at the figure in front of him as it turned to face him, standing in a small pool of dim light so that it almost seemed part of the shadows around it. It looked at him with eyes that seemed frighteningly familiar, he saw them everyday when he looked into the mirror while shaving.

"What in the world..."

The apparition grinned and Aten felt his spine crawl, it wasn't the pointed teeth that did it, it was the feeling that he was looking into a very warped mirror, at once both dark and depraved, and yet noble and proud, though he would definitely say depravity won out. When it spoke in a soft sibilant tone, the words echoed on the edge of his mind, like something flickering on the edge of sight.

"I'd say welcome home, but I think my meaning would be lost on you."

"Where is this and who- what are you?"

The- creature smiled and took a slow deliberate step back into the shadows. And vanished. The light dimmed into nothingness. The shadows rushing in to take back their territory. Blanketing everything in pitch darkness.

Aten glanced about himself, trying to will his eyes to pierce the gloom, trying to find something he could use as a weapon but there were only shadows and stone. His foot bumped against something, a fist sized rock, he picked up, hefting it, it wasn't reassuring. He could feel his heart thudding in his chest - this frightened him in a way battle never had. He could feel something, like hundreds of  tiny, staring, unblinking eyes watching his every move, he clenched his fists until his knuckles cracked and bared his teeth. Then he heard it, a harsh whisper from the shadows to his right.

"You know who I am."

He whirled and slung the rock at the source of the voice, it whistled into the darkness and cracked against the stone. Aten felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end as the voice continued from behind him at least twenty meters from where it had been.

"For I know who you are."

Again it shifted, to his side now. There was no movement, at one moment it was one place, the next it was another.

"I am the fire, burning deep within your soul."

The voice echoed from his right.

"I am your pain, that which makes you whole."

He spun, trying to keep track of it.

"I am the hate, raging through your veins"

"I am the splinter in your thought, driving you insane."

"WHERE ARE YOU!" He screamed into the darkness.

He felt a hand spidery hand close on his shoulder, and a voice whisper "Right where I always was." He spun, lashing out, but there was nothing there. The hand was gone.

This time the voice came from only a few meters in front of him.

"I'm everything you could ever be, and everything you wished you weren't. Every lie you've never told and every truth you've never known."

"You may call me Makhshava"

He felt hands close on him, picking him up and pulling at him, he lashed out screaming. Felt his fists connect with... something, he was falling, a new darkness claiming him, he should have hit the ground but hadn't, falling, unconsciousness tugged at his mind, his senses receding.

Suddenly it was light, blindingly bright but sweet glorious blessed light, he sprung from the ground screaming, before his legs tangled and he fell in a heap. He lay gasping for breath, pulling in huge ragged breaths as the light became slowly less blinding, resolving into shapes, into people, kneeling in a ring around him looking worried and afraid. He recognized Gabriel, sporting a quickly blackening eye.

"Sorry" he groaned as he slipped into real and blessedly empty unconsciousness.

On second thought, after writing this I think that perhaps this should be a deviation. Oh well.
  • Listening to: Breaking Benjamin
  • Reading: What I write and grimacing.
  • Watching: Elfen Lied (Elfen song for German speakers)
  • Playing: Homeworld 2
  • Eating: Ramen, my not so secret love.
  • Drinking: Ramen soup.

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